A brand-new R&D project by the ESO Group for Petlas

Petlas, one of the leading Turkish tire companies, chose the ESO Group, its solution partner for 11 years now, for its newly launched projects of factory assembly, machine manufacturing and automation installation for its production base in Turkey established across a 2,000,000 m² area.

For the project, the ESO Group R & D team specially designed the “Turnkey Toe Machine for Bus and Truck Tires”. Featuring built-in servo and PLC systems, the product is capable of manufacturing fully automatic rubber toes. Commissioned on-site with a fully functioning automation system following the mechanical production phase, the machinery has passed all trial production runs with flying colors, fast on track to be mass produced.

Some of the machinery manufactured by ESO Group within the framework of the project are 8′ – 12′, 15′ – 24′, 20′ – 30′ Tire Manufacturing Machines, the Batchoff Machine, Stock Feeder Cutting Machines, Rubber Cutting Guillotines, Auto Tire Visual Control Machines and Tire Packaging Machines.

Petlas also chose the ESO Group to carry out the factory assembly works. Standing out with its meticulous handling of the entire manufacturing process and its service quality, the ESO Group successfully completed the system installations for the production line of the factory.

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