Pirelli Chooses the ESO Group in 5 countries

Among the world’s most long-lived industrial establishments, the Italian Pirelli chooses the ESO Group to increase the production capacity of its factory in Turkey. Among several factors contributing to Pirelli’s decision to choose the ESO Group is the company’s capability of managing machine manufacturing, automation system installations and assembly / disassembly operations from a single center in addition to the ESO Group’s service and product quality.

The ESO Group has assembled and delivered a Sidewall Pressing Machine, a Tread Conversion Machine, Fabric Wrapping Machine and Tire Manufacturing Backups together with automation systems for Pirelli factories in Russia and Romania, two factories among several others spread across the globe.

Some of the machinery manufactured by the ESO Group, a trusted and favorite supplier of Turkish Pirelli, are Motor Sport Finishing Conveyor Lines, Batchoff Complete Assembly Groups, Stock Feeder Machinery, Rubber Cutting Guillotine, Extruder Feeding Machinery, a Tread Application Manager, a Wrapping Machine and Finishing line conveyors.

As a testament to the service quality of the company, Pirelli still works with the ESO Group for the assembly and disassembly of production bases in Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Romania.

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